A tour of my Wreck This Journal!

Hello! Has everyone heard of ‘Wreck This Journal’? If not, here’s an explanation. It’s a book, that on every page has instructions you follow, which all in some way add to the destruction of the book. I completed one of the pages I’d been thinking about for a while today, and that inspired me to make this post!

I stuck loads of typewriter-text on the front of mine, I can’t really remember why. One of them says ‘Sunset’ on.

This is the page I completed today: Slide the journal down a long hallway 

I have spent a long time deliberating on how to complete this one. I was planning for a long time to ask to leave a lesson ‘for the toilet’ and then slide it down a school corridor, but I was too terrified by the concept of someone seeing me and asking me what the heck I was doing to ever actually execute that plan. Then today, my sister said I should do it at our town’s leisure centre, in the big hall. So that’s what I did. There were people around, but mostly little kids, so that’s fine. I must have looked very odd, frisbeeing a book across the floor and then running after it. Oh, and I also might have accidentally thrown the book into someone’s feet. They were really nice about it, though. But imagine what they’ll be thinking next time they see me: “Oh yeah, that’s the girl who flings books at people.”

Here’s another page, one I’m very proud of:

Millions of fruit stickers

The instructions underneath said to collect fruit stickers, so that’s exactly what I did! This page took me AGES to fill. Whenever we bought fruit I’d peel all the stickers off them, carry the stickers upstairs to my room (stuck to my hands) and put them in the journal. I absolutely love this page, and I ended up with some really nice stickers! There’s one with Santa on, a couple of pretty leaf ones, and my personal favourite the big blue melon sticker. Here’s the only problem:

Give away your favourite page.

I DON’T WANT TO GIVE IT AWAY! THAT PAGE COVERED WITH FRUIT STICKERS IS PRECIOUS! I guess I have to at some point. Or maybe I’ll try to convince myself that a different page is really my favourite. Actually yeah, I probably will do that! No one will know (except you guys…)

Here are a few other random pages just to give you more of an idea:

Scratch using a sharp object
As you can see, I’ve successfully completed this page!
Write one word over and over
I don’t know why I chose ‘yum’. It was an impulse decision. Upon reflection, that’s kind of weird.
Hide a secret message somewhere in this book
I would tell you where and what the message is, but…well, then it wouldn’t be a secret.
Collect dead bugs here.
This is the one page I refuse to complete. Stick carcasses in my book? No thanks, mate.
Doodle over pages.
Yes, that is a dairy milk caramel wrapper sticking out the side.

I still have some pages left to do. Yesterday I completed ‘float this page’ and ‘find out a way to freeze this page’. This obviously involved ripping them out, something I was reluctant to do when I first got the book (“you won’t even be able to tell you’ve done it! How will you know? Do I stick it back in?”) but I resigned to the fact it’s just the silly fun of doing it more than anything else.

It’s a totally fun pastime that you can pretty much do anywhere. I have had the book for years and have just gradually added/taken away from it. Many people are really creative with theirs: just search the internet for Wreck This Journal images and loads of beautifully drawn and coloured pages will appear. I, on the other hand, have neither the skill nor the patience for that, so my journal really is well and truly wrecked.

This is something I would recommend to anyone, it’s just pure fun condensed into a book.

I hope you enjoyed this random post. Do you have one of these? Do you want one?

Sunset xx


12 thoughts on “A tour of my Wreck This Journal!

  1. I never heard of this notebook, but it seems SO FUN! 😍😍 The concept & idea behind this notebook is great! 😜🙈 Oooh! I LOVE the fruit-sticker page! It looks so so cool! ❤️❤️ Don’t you dare give it out! I agree – it looks so valuable! 😂😂 I completely object the bugs-collecting page though. That would be so eeeeewwww ğŸ™„ğŸ‘Ž Hope you enjoy completing the rest of this fab notebook! 😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really really like this book but whenever I go to the bookstore it’s always out of stock. Yes ive seen lots of these on IG and theyre so creatiiiive! Hahaha have fun completing the rest!! :—–)✌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This seems so cool!! I’ve heard of these but just thought it was a normal journal and ‘wreck’ just meant fill with thoughts. I can see I’m clearly wrong. It looks like so much fun! I have this one specific notebook that I write EVERYTHING including scribbling, chucking stickynotes in, drawing, you name it. It has a lot of tape to hold it together and a lot of scribbling on the front. I love it. That’s basically my wreck-this journal although now I’m definitely adding a fruit sticker page to it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Your notebook sounds amazing. I have this issue of having loads of different notebooks on the go- one notebook would be much better!! And YES FRUIT STICKERS WOO. It’s really fun to collect them, weirdly. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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