We’re all superheroes!

Hello! I’ve had a silly, fun idea.

It’s about superhero origin stories-you know, the incident that starts it all- like Peter Parker being bitten by a spider and becoming Spiderman. Well, I have experienced it. On a very small scale.

I was alone, in the kitchen, doing something like preparing food (I really can’t remember what, exactly), when I needed to get a dish out of the cupboard. I was rummaging around when I knocked a glass jug off it’s shelf.

It was one of those heart attack moments. Like when you suddenly think your phone isn’t in your pocket. I was holding the dish, my hands half-way into the cupboard, so I couldn’t catch the jug. It was inevitably going to smash into thousands of tiny shards in a few short seconds. I squeezed my eyes shut, and, bracing for the sound of glass shattering, stuck out my foot in wild hope.

YEEEEEEESSSS! The jug actually landed on my foot- as in, my foot was inside the jug, with the jug hanging upside down.

I was frozen in disbelief for a few seconds, stood in a weird flamingo-karate-crane position with a jug balanced on my foot. Then I grabbed the jug, still stunned and incredibly relieved.

I now view this event as the day I became a superhero. Supreme reflexes, saving a jug…C’mon. Superhero traits if I ever did see them.

And then I came up with the idea for this post. If I’ve become a superhero/heroine (which I totally have), then others must have experienced this too…

This is where YOU, readers, come in! I would love it if you all could comment your own superhero origin stories below. It can be ridiculous, like mine, or serious, if you really have done something that deserves you to be recognised as a hero (saved a life, anyone?)

You could even come up with a superhero name for yourself. I could be CROCKERY CRUSADER, because I valiantly rescued a jug from a tragic death.

I would love to see your ideas at what makes you a superhero- I know we all have something. Don’t worry about it being stupid- it can’t be worse than Crockery Crusader. (Or maybe it can. There’s a challenge.)

If there are enough comments, I’ll put together a post of my favourites.

Lots of love,

Sunset (Hero to all kitchenware)



7 thoughts on “We’re all superheroes!

  1. I’m actually laughing so hard at Crockery Crusader – OH you should make a superhero emblem for yourself but just have it as being a kitchen utensil and your weapon would just be this MASSIVE jug with which you’d use to save people 😀 But HONESTLY I love your idea! For me, I can’t think, hmm… I’m SO boring but there was this time I helped a visually impaired man get to work – my dad and I talked to him as we walked and it was so lovely. I suppose you could call that superhero-worthy, in my own little way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m literally just imagining some person wielding a massive jug that expands when you need to save someone 😂😂 Knowing me, I’ll have a dream about that sometime haha!

        Liked by 1 person

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