Exams are OVER, life can resume


I’ve completed all of my exams. I had 23 in total, and it was a long, painful road. But here I am, with 4.5 weeks of undisturbed holiday ahead of me, before the actual school holidays starts. I’M SO PROUD I SURVIVED.

As I said, I have a long holiday, and my family are all at work/school so I’m on my own. So far I’ve had one day. It was GREAT.

Although amazing, these days off could go two ways:

  1. I could make the most out of them
  2. I could become idle and spend all my time lazing around on my phone.

I obviously want to avoid 2, so I’ve got some snazzy holiday ideas to fulfill:

  • Going out with friends as much as possible
  • Baking/cooking
  • Craft projects- maybe a cross stitch
  • blogging (of course)
  • Lots of reading
  • Going to the gym
  • Possibly getting a job.

Today I handed in three letters of application to workplaces. It was super scary. But if I get a job that would be good for experience, and for money.

Tomorrow, I’m going (to try) to make a tea loaf and a lasagna. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’m not a cooking-baking person, so no, Β it’s unlikely to go completely smoothly. But I’ll give it a go…kitchen disasters here I come!

Depending on how they go, I could report back with picturesque images of two beautiful culinary achievements. Or horror stories.

Who else is on holiday now, or soon?

Sunset x


11 thoughts on “Exams are OVER, life can resume

  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams! You must be SO relieved! I had 10 exams and 5 subjects that I was doing as GCSEs and I thought that was hard! I can’t imagine how you must have felt! I finished last Wednesday (exactly a week ago) so I know how it feels to finally have some freedom! Although I have to admit, I’m struggling to remember what I used to do when I wasn’t busy studying all day hahah! I hope you have an amazing holiday because you deserve it so much! πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re welcome! Thank you! It is SO, SO NICE!!! It’s amazing to wake up and not immediately have to start thinking about studying! I feel like I can suddenly breathe again! I know right?! It’s so stressful! I’m trying not to think about it too much but I’m not doing very well… Haha! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! Only four weeks to go… I’m sure it’ll fly by. I can’t wait for my brother and sister to finish as well. Hope school isn’t too bad for the final few weeks for you πŸ˜ƒ xx

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  2. AHHH I’m so jealous! I still have a month of school! And oooh you had the same amount of exams as I did πŸ˜€ Have an AWESOME summer! Your plans sound great. Learning to cook and getting a job are high on my priority list xx


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