PUMPING IRON: My Experiences as a Hardcore Gym Lass

I have been transformed- from ordinary Sunset, to Muscle Sunset. Yes, that’s right. I’m basically a bodybuilder now.

Okay, in all seriousness I’m as flimsy as ever. But I do feel healthy and refreshed. I went for around an hour’s workout at the gym today, and it was tough, but rewarding. I didn’t actually want to go in the first place, however. Going to the gym makes me nervous- I don’t know why- but I never want to go. So despite my mum’s well-reasoned argument (exercise is proven to help revision) I was adamant that I did not want to go. Pathetic, but true.

In the end I was forced out the house and ended up at the gym. The walk there cheered me up a bit, but I was still nervous about getting through my workout programme. I had it written for me at an earlier session, but boy, it doesn’t get any easier. It involves the treadmill, crosstrainer, bike, and worst of all, floor exercises with 3kg weights. That’s what I was dreading. 6 different exercises, 30 of each- that’s 180 individual actions!

By the time I got to them I was already worn out from the machines. My speedy sister, who came to the gym with me, zipped through the floor exercises easily. Meanwhile, I was floundering. At some points, almost literally-there’s one exercise where you’re resting on your lower back and your feet are straight up in the air, and whilst holding a weight you have to reach up and touch your toes. It is SO PAINFUL on your abs. My stomach muscles are obviously EXTREMELY WEAK, because I kept getting to about 4 reaches and then collapsing, dropping my legs and clutching my stomach. Not to mention I can barely actually reach my toes. But, after a lot of sweat, I got to 30 in total.

I’d done it. All 180 exercises, including the dreaded toe reach. I was very proud of myself. I went over to my sister and told her I’d done all the exercises, even the ones I hate.

“Oh, yeah, I saw you struggling there!”

Thanks, sis.

She didn’t mean anything by it. It’s true, after all, I was struggling. Nothing could dampen my pride, I can’t compare myself to my super-gym-child-sister. I laughed and we went to leave.

As we exited the gym I was in high spirits- but with jelly legs. The walk home was painful and I said “ow” approximately 300 times. Then, after lunch, and a shower, I did some solid revision! Today has been a productive day.

I’ve written this post so that I can read it next time I don’t want to go to the gym, and remind myself what it’s actually like. It’s hard work, but it’s worth the satisfaction. I forget the good points and get scared every time. But never again! I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved today, although it’s small, and I don’t want to forget it.

See you soon guys- I’m trying to post regularly but I’ll properly pick it up next week, when exams are over.

Sunset x



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