Goodbye bloggingsunsets, hello Blogging Sunsets! I know, you wouldn’t even guess it’s the same blog.

So as mentioned in a post a little while back, I’m changing my blog. It’s now called Blogging Sunsets. I know, it’s hardly changed, but a some capital letters and a space can go far in improving a title (right?)

But the biggest change is that I, previously known as bloggingsunsets, will now be called Sunset! Wow, it feels weird to name myself. But yeah, I like this better.

Also, along with the name changes, I got a new header, generously made for me by My Bookish Life! (Mahriya.)

I think it’s so pretty!! I was originally sent 5 possible designs (5, I know! I was expecting 1!) I couldn’t choose, but my mum loved this one. She said: 

“I know it’s an orange, but it looks like a sunset, and it’s very pretty!”
Can’t argue with that. So that’s how I chose. Thanks so much to Mahriya for making me the new header. If anyone else needs any blog graphics, I would 100% recommend her. It’s free, she made the 5 designs in a few days, and it was all so friendly and nice! 

I hope you guys like the changes, it’s all pretty exciting. 

Sunset (wooooooooooooooo)


17 thoughts on “Changes!

  1. I LOVEEEE YOUR NEW NAME AND BLOG NAME! I mean I’ve always loved the concept of the name Blogging Sunsets because it’s so, so pretty! Also Mahriyah is the design queen!!

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  2. Somehow I wasn’t following your blog anymore, and thought you had died? *wails* But then i realised, WordPress said I WASN’T Following you – I don’t know how.

    Anywhoo, love all the changes, SUNSET! And yes, for the CL, I’m happy.
    Ooh, yes. I’m glad your mum liked that one. It was one of my favourites (who am I kidding? i can’t choose between my children?) AND, I always give my customers some space to choose otherwise they might end up with an ugly design and I’m not too evil!

    GAH, it’s all so exciting.

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