Q&A with eelblogs!

Hi guys! This is a little collab with the fabulous eelblogs, where we answered random questions. Before you continue, you need to follow eelblogs (if you aren’t already.) It’s such a great blog! Okay, let’s commence with the questions. Hope you enjoy the responses!

1.      What is your favourite Disney film and why?


 I think Monsters Inc. I just love the characters and the cute, crazy story. Toy Story used to be my favourite when I was little (I had a Buzz Lightyear costume). Never been one for Disney princesses, but I do like The Princess and the Frog and Tangled, too!


My favourite Disney film has to be either The Little Mermaid, Aladdin or Hercules. If I had to choose I would pick Hercules because it’s so funny and Hades is one of my favourite villains.

2.      What’s the best book you’ve read and why?


Geez, this is a difficult question. There are so many books that I adore. I think my favourite series is the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.


This would be Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon because it such an interesting book. I was interested throughout the whole book because I found the love story so beautiful, and I was intrigued by the black page, so that kept me interested.

3.      If you could pick someone fictional, alive, or dead, who would you pick and why?


 In terms of fictional people, I’d pick Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments, because he will forever be my favourite book character. Otherwise, I’d either pick Misha Collins (Castiel in Supernatural) or Brandon Flowers (singer in The Killers.) They’re all super cool; I don’t think I’d actually ever be able to choose.


I would pick Dan and Phil (Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil) because I love watching their videos, Tris Prior from Divergent because she’s awesome, and Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars because I love her character. Her cancer story is so interesting because she’s been in and out of hospital, and is on a new type of medication that didn’t work on many people but it works for her!

4.      Do you prefer The Hunger Games, Divergent or Harry Potter?


 I’m going to have to go with Harry, because the Wizarding World is so AWESOME that I just want to jump into it. Who doesn’t want to hop on the Hogwarts Express, with a wand and an owl and spellbooks? It would be a dream. Except Voldemort.


I love them all but Harry Potter is slightly better because Magic!!! But I don’t fancy meeting Mr you-know-who with no nose.

5.      What is your perfect date?


 Honestly? Couldn’t tell you. I think as long as the person I’m with is nice, any date would also be that.


Barefoot walk on the beach after a candle-lit dinner.

6.      What is your least favourite food?


 Fish- I can never enjoy it, I have to force it down. Except fish fingers and fish cakes. You know, the healthiest kind of fish.


I would say spicy food because I can’t do spicy. My brother jokes about this and says I find oxygen spicy.

7.      What is your current favourite pastime?


For Christmas, I got a new game for my computer called Stardew Valley. It’s honestly the cutest game ever! It’s like, farming, but there are so many other parts to it, like the townspeople in the game who you can make friends with. So yeah, that’s how I’ve

been spending my time!



8.      Would you ever do a bungee jump?


 Yes! 100%. It would be so amazing. Terrifying, I won’t deny, but also an incredible  experience.


No. I’m scared of heights! And dying!

9.      Who was your celebrity childhood crush?


 Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. Haha.


I was OBSESSED with Chris Hemsworth (Thor). One time last year I was watching the second Thor film and I started to cry with embarrassment because my mum was in the room with me!

10.  If you could become any animal, what would you become?


 Definitely a bird, so that I could fly, but it would have to be a really cool bird, not, like, a crow. So maybe a peregrine falcon? That would be great. Swoosh.


Because it doesn’t state if it’s a mythical animal I will say a unicorn but if I had to pick a real animal I would say a dog because I can sleep, play and have hugs all day!

And that’s the end! It took me ages to put together, because when I copied it off my emails there were loads of weird spaces and enters. It looked like abstract poetry or something…




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