Skiing and I aren’t friends

Hello guys!

I’m going skiing soon, but the thing is, my history with skiing isn’t particularly great.

The first time I went skiing, I fell off a cliff.

There weren’t any injuries, luckily- pretty suprising, considering the size of the drop! That was with the school, and everyone thought I’d been gravely injured as they saw a stretcher being skiied down the hill. But that wasn’t for me, I was still stuck at the bottom of the drop.

As for the second time..Well.

Imagine being at the back of a line of skiiers, waiting to go down the slope. Everyone zig-zags across well enough, and smiles at the cameraman who happens to be taking photographs at that exact time and place.

Then it’s your turn. You’re determined to do well in front of the camera. You set off. A fantastic parallel turn! It’s all going well. You get closer and closer to the cameraman, feeling more and more confident with every metre.

Suddenly your skiis slide over each other-you’re losing balance! In a flash your mouth is full of snow. You distantly hear the cameraman’s laugh.

“Nice moment!” He says, grinning.

Annnd… That was me, of course. Not to mention the times I fell off lifts. Yeah, not good, huh?

I do love skiing but it also terrifies me. I hate the idea of getting a horrible injury and it’s all I think about when someone mentions skiing.

To be honest, I’ll probably get there and be totally fine. And enjoy it a lot. But for now-fear!


Since I am going away I probably won’t be seeing everyone’s posts or replying to comments etc for around a week. So bye guys! Wish me luck on the death traps  slopes!



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