Eating Healthily Is So Fricking Hard

Example 1.

“Hey sis, do you want a hot chocolate?”

Oh why, dear sister, did you have to ask me? I was perfectly content until you filled my head with steaming mugs of chocolatey, sugary hope.

Example 2.

“Are you getting a brownie with your lunch?”

Well I wasn’t going to until you asked me. You’ve unleashed the demon that is my great love for brownies.

Example 3.

“How much would you like?”

Well, Β if it were really up to me? All of it.


Who else has this struggle?



31 thoughts on “Eating Healthily Is So Fricking Hard

  1. omg there is a person who understands. *high fives* I agree with all of this? I somehow manage a whole pack of cookies when I meant to have just ONE? I never succeed eating healthier because I have a sweet-teethed brother? Yes let’s just blame it on siblings. πŸ™‚ x
    PS How do you do the cry-laugh emoji?

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    1. Yeah let’s blame the siblings. It’s all their fault (it always is πŸ˜‚)
      I can get the emoji on my phone, but if you’re on a computer just search in Google for ‘copy and paste emojis’ and you’ll be able to copy them all onto WordPress x

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