A to Z of bloggingsunsets

Hi everyone! This post is for a tag that eelblogs nominated me for. Thank you!

So an A-Z of me. I’m not entirely sure how this is going to turn out-we’ll see, I guess…

A- Axolotls

B- Blogging

C- Cake

D- Dogs

E- Episodes (of Sherlock, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Apprentice)

F- Family


H- Hockey

I- Imagination

J- Japan (I’d like to visit!)

K- Killers (the band, not..you know, serial killers.)

L- Lion Bar cereal

M- Martial arts

N- Nature

O- Organised (I’m trying to be)

P- Pasta

Q- Questioning

R- Reading

S- Science

T- Tea

U- Undertale

V- Video games

W- Writing

X- x…tremely stuck about what to put here?

Y- Yoghurt

Z- Zoom (on my camera)

There we have it: my A to Z. It was so much harder than I expected and it took me ages! I tag  My Bookish Life, Uniquely Rosie and L.

Hope you enjoyed this little post!



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