Pokémon GO: bringing joy to the mundane

Hello readers. If you, like me, do not enjoy boring tasks like going food shopping, then I have a simple solution: Pokémon GO.

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s old, the craze is finished, and it’s no fun anyway. The craze is finished- alas, I’m still playing it. It’s because, as the title suggests, it makes boring things considerably less boring! In the car today we drove to the shops to buy dinner. This was just going to be me and my mum, but upon hearing that we’d be driving past poké stops, my brother and sister also came along. We could collect poké balls as we drove past the shops. This might sound like a sad thing to do, but it’s fun. It’s a fun way to pass the time in situations where you’d otherwise just be doing nothing.

As a little bit of a Pokémon nerd myself I do play the other games, but I think that Pokémon GO is a universal one that most people, even people without games/Pokémon interest, can enjoy.

What do you guys think of Pokémon GO? Have you played it? Do you still play it? Do you agree with me that it’s a fun pastime, or do you hate it? I want to hear other opinions on this!



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