2017 resolutions

  • Be kind
  • Be humble
  • Work hard for my GCSEs
  • Eat healthily
  • Spend less time on my phone
  • Post regularly on this blog

    Happy New Year everyone. X



    2 thoughts on “2017 resolutions

    1. I feel like I’m nice online but sometimes i just snap at people and I really shouldn’t. Being humble is one I’m learning to master and 2016 hs shown me I can be humble. Good luck with your GCSE’s, you’ll smash them! And yes, I need to cut down of junk food!

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      1. Yeah, it’s hard to be considerate all the time. Especially with my siblings, who can really wind me up. And good for you, being humble in 2016! I was pretty happy with something I did last year but I went on about it a lot- hence the ‘being humble’ resolution. And thank you, I hope the exams will go okay!

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