The Randomness Tag!

Hello! Today is a great day- the first of my Christmas holidays! But it wouldn’t be Christmas without…homework…yep, my teachers have been sure to give us enough homework that we can’t have fun. However, it’s not all bad, because here I am making this post.

I’m delighted to say I’ve been tagged to do The Randomness Tag! AYYY! I feel cool. Thanks, Jazzy Blogs, you’re the best. Go follow, y’all. So this is a first for me and I’m:

a) Super happy about being tagged

b) Super hyped to post it

c) Super nervous for the bit where you tag people? I’m not sure who, particularly, within the blogosphere, I’d consider tagging (I’d tag Jazzy Blogs but she’s already done it) so here’s what I’ll say as a forewarning: if I’ve tagged you absolutely feel free not to do it. I mean I know that probably sounds obvious, but I thought I’d clear that up anyway. More for myself than anyone else.

So I guess I’ll commence with the post now! Enjoy my random responses to the randomness tag.


  • Thank the person that tagged you.
  • Tag 3 – 7 other bloggers whose blogs you love.
  • Answer the questions and add some if you’d like.
  • Have fun!


1. What would you do if you were in your crush’s house but nobody was home?

Hmm. Well I hate to say it but I’d probably be really nosy and look around everywhere. And then hide in a cupboard or something and see what happens. Although thinking about it that sounds like the worst plan I’ve ever thought of.

2. What would I do where there are no electronics and no other people in a room?

I know the exact answer to this. I’d sing and the top of my lungs. And I mean, the top of my lungs. I do it if there’s no one else in the house- it’s incredibly entertaining! Also probably hysterical (and possibly painful) for any witnesses.

3. Pencil or Pen?

What a difficult question! I love stationary of any variety but overall, I think…pen? It’s a close one. I like pencils for drawing but the thing I’m doing most is revision, and some colourful pens can really give me the motivation to make notes. I shamelessly love a good pack of pens.

4. Do you play any sports or have you played any sports in the past? Is there anything from the past you wish you hadn’t given up?

The sport I do most, and that people probably most associate me with, is karate. I’m really grateful for going to the club, as I wanted to quit a lot when I was younger, but my parents kept me attending. I also do hockey with the school but I like that considerably less. I don’t really like the teacher (she’s a meanie) and I’m not exactly the best at it anyway. But I’m gonna keep going for my CV  because I’m a committed team member.

5. Who are you? There’s always that one person in your class/life that’s known for something. What person are you?

The quiet one who always does the homework. A bit of a swot to be honest, but I think (I hope) I’m fun to be around as well. In some groups I’m really shy and in others I’m more extroverted. I’ve also heard I can be quite grumpy too, which isn’t great. I’ll work on that!

6. If you’re doing science fair, what was your project?

We once did a sort-of-science fair but they don’t really happen that much. My project was growing cress in cotton wool in Petri dishes, but changing the conditions so that it grew differently. For example one dish was covered with clingfilm, in another the cotton wool was soaked with soap, etc. Not exactly groundbreaking science, but c’mon. I was like, eleven.

7. If you didn’t have to worry about money/a home/other problems, what would you do?

I’d do a worldwide trip and take a million photos, then return home to my beautiful house and cover the walls with the photos I’d taken. I would also like a pet axolotl.

8. What is one (or two if you can’t decide) thing you want in a partner/spouse?

Someone who will work as hard as me and not expect me to do all the housework, even if ‘it’s a woman’s job’ (which it isn’t.)

9. What are you missing or will miss most from your childhood?

Having free time to play little imaginary games and run around. Now I have to decline my brother’s game ideas and revise instead. Like, whyyyyyyyyyy.

10. What is one thing you love about the person who tagged you or their blog?

I love how kind and funny she is; she suggested we do a post together and it’s been nothing but loveliness! It’s really made me feel like a proper blogger to have a friend to collab with.

So now for the tagging! As I said before, no pressure, and my apologies if you’ve been tagged before.

I tag:




So yeah, that’s it. Since I only tagged three, if anyone reading is like, hey, I really wanna do this, then leave a comment and I’ll add you to the post!

I hope everyone’s having a nice countdown to Christmas- 8 days to go!





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