A pretty good day, I’d say

Some cool stuff happened.

I got a round of applause in maths for a calculator trick (involving iterative formulae. I am dropping maths as soon as I hit sixth form but I’ll miss the lovely class.)

We wrote imaginative pieces in English, which I thoroughly enjoyed. At first I was disappointed we had a specific topic (rollercoasters) but pretty soon I got really involved with the story I’d created. I was going to write about a little boy at a zoo but that’s kind of irrelevant to rollercoasters.

And when I got home from school, I revised history, and then…played Pokémon with my brother. Because really I’m a nine-year old.

Despite a lack of inspiration I’m posting anyway, because I love posting on here. So um. This is the end of the post. Byeeeeeeeeee!



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