Fire drills, wasps and good news

In my last post, I was very downbeat about the week I had. I’m happy to say that so far this week has been much better!

I had history for the first time since my disappointing grade, and it was actually okay. I’ve sort of lost any care I had for the subject, though. Which is probably a good thing, as it means I’ll have less lessons to worry about. The lesson was supremely boring, and we were left a big piece of homework…for tomorrow. But I’ve done it, so yay me.

Speaking of, my maths teacher congratulated me on how well I did in a recent homework, which may seem trivial but it made me quite happy. There’s a lot of loud and intelligent people to compete with in maths, so any compliment I take to be a great success.

English was the worst. A fire alarm went off, so I had to go right down from the third floor to stand in the yard, squished between two others in an alphabetical line. People hadn’t really left enough room. We stood there for about ten minutes during which a wasp landed on my head! Yesterday one got stuck in my hair. Is it something in my shampoo? It was traumatic; I have a little fear of wasps. But I didn’t get stung, despite all the flailing I performed- I think I was very lucky! Other than the wasp situation the day was pretty good.

On a separate note, I’m delighted to announce that I’m a contributor to the fabulous UnderDBZ blog. (Thank you! Best present ever.)

Anyone had anything good happen to them recently? I’d love to hear.



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