An update

Some stuff that’s been happening.

I had a really bad week at school. I got a really disappointing mark in my history coursework, which really stung because to be honest I was expecting better. It still makes me a little upset to think about it but it’s all good now. (Mostly.)

I’ve been really hung up on it, which kind of ruined a lot of other lessons at school. I’ve nearly fallen asleep in English twice, and I don’t even go to bed late. In fact, some nights I end up ready to sleep at half eight or nine.

Speaking of English, it’s a subject I’ve always been confident in, and I usually get good grades from it. However, recently I feel like I’ve completely lost my grip on it…the teacher tells us to annotate the text and I can barely find a thing. Fighting to stay awake at the same time isn’t great either. It doesn’t happen anywhere else, just English.

It’s not all bad- for example I had a biology lesson where we were sampling clover, where we just took the opportunity to mess about- but most of it’s becoming dreary. Even the dinner queue today was hopelessly long. We did have cake in maths though, as the final red book was finished (see Ew, school. ) so I think that makes up for the dinner queue trailing out the door.

I hope everyone else’s week was a bit better!



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