So I’ve already made a post about my summer but this is about a specific event.

Whilst on my holiday around the Netherlands/Belgium we stopped at at Antwerp train station. We were going back to Amsterdam to get the ferry home. We were walking down the steps when I saw a lot of strangely and brightly-dressed people. I suddenly recognised one of them as an Undertale character, then all of them! I was too shy to mention it to anyone, but once we reached the bottom of the steps I told my mum what they were dressed up as. She exclaimed that we HAD to go and see them! And then said I should bring my Sans doll to show them (which was very conveniently at the top of my bag.) I was way too nervous/shy/embarrassed-which on reflection was silly- so my mum went up by herself at got a picture of my little Sans with Mettaton, Toriel, Asriel and more. My dad then convinced me to go up too so I ran there and was invited to join in for a group picture (I would share it, but..uh..anonymity.)

Although it may not sound as amazing as the title implies, for me it was. It was just so random- in the middle of a train station in Belgium was stood a bunch of English-speaking Undertale fans- specifically cosplaying as the very game I had recently found an obsession for! Even better, they were totally up for a photo. In fact, from the bottom of the stairs, I could hear the exclamation of “Ahh! It’s Sans!” as my mum presented the doll.


To be honest I still haven’t gotten over how cool the whole experience was. Afterwards, I tried to explain to my mum the concept of cosplay.

I think it might be one of the coolest things to happen to me.

I have been desperate to share this event with people so YAY, thanks for reading!



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