Summer: a summary

Hey!! So seeing as I only recently restarted this blog, I haven’t really had a chance to post anything about my summer. So, I’m gonna do it now.

The glorious six weeks off began with a newfound craze: Undertale. As I mentioned on a previous post, this lead me to create sock plushies based on the characters, following a YouTube tutorials. I’m so happy with the finished products and I’m pretty sure they’re my biggest craft-based achievement, like, ever.

Sans, Papyrus and Napstablook. I stole my sister’s blanket to take this.

Another big part of my summer was a cycling holiday! It was fantastic. It was a trip from Amsterdam to Bruges where we cycled during the day, and then ate and slept on a barge. It was a really interesting experience. Every morning we woke up to a lovely breakfast, including little boxes of chocolate sprinkles that you put on toast. Apparently it’s a thing in the Netherlands. WHY DOESN’T EVERYWHERE HAVE THAT? I don’t know about you but I’d never heard of that before.

I was also amazed at what a cycle orientated place the Netherlands is. I think England could be much improved by some more cycle paths. Amsterdam was especially amazing-streets were split in half by rows and rows of parked bicycles.

Every day we cycled between 30 and 60 kilometres, which wasn’t too hard but equally very tiring. It also chucked it down for two days solid, so that was…unpleasant. The weather on the last day made up for it though, maybe a little too much, because we all finished having caught the sun, sweating and holding empty water bottles.

The holiday did have it’s mishaps, including my brother falling out of his high bed on the boat (there was no railing and it was so close to the ceiling that I couldn’t sit up straight on it…why didn’t it have a railing?) and my sister somersaulting off her bike and into a bush. Somehow, miraculously, everyone returned unscathed.

All in all it was such a great holiday. It was hard work cycling every day but it was rewarding.


I also went to the Lake District, got my ears pierced and got my core science results. This summer has been great but it’s gone by way too fast and school is just round the corner. This weekend, I have a Duke of Edinburgh expedition to complete, which promises to be extremely hard work. Finally, I’m just gonna put some more pictures on here from the rest of my holiday.

Okayy! Hope everyone had a nice summer too!



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