Coming home

I have just arrived back from a two week holiday. It was fantastic, and I have come back with many great memories. But never have I felt the comfort of home so much before. With school only a few dreaded days away, soon I won’t have the time for constantly doing whatever want, which is quite regular during the holidays. I expect homework will be piled on us and that is something I am not looking forward to at all. However, I am going to use these last few days before the regular routine of life sets in again to just milk the priveleges of being off school. 

The countdown to school is particularly sweet for me because I have an extra day off when my siblings have to go to their schools. I think I’ll wave them off- bye bye! Have fun! I think I’ll just go and get something to eat now… Hope you have a GREAT time!

There are various plans emanating from different corners of my friendship circle that suggest a meet-up before school starts. I think that this is nice, because touching base means that the nerves about going back to high school life will be calmed somewhat. Something else to fit in the next few weeks is some training runs with one of my friends, because we are both participating in the same run in a little while. I can’t wait! 

But right now, I have nothing planned. I am just enjoying having reliable wifi and a familiar bedroom to sleep in. Ah, home comforts.



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