Reasons to be excited

1. It’s the summer holidays
2. Therefore I can read, draw and blog to maximum levels
3. I might be getting a typewriter. WOWOWOW.
4. I can wear my new Supernatural parody t-shirt.
6. My dog is secretly a model


7. No school tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that, or the day after that…
8. Hockey season starts up after holidays (the only outstanding pro to holidays ending)


‘Guys, organise the hockey sticks so I can put it in my blog’
Just kidding, we took this ages ago. For instagram purposes.
9. Lie ins, as long as the siblings don’t come in and flick me awake.
10. Sunny weather! Hopefully. If it finally realises it’s actually July, and not time for rain…
11. Far more opportunities to do nothing.
12. Pyjamas, pjs, jammies, whatever you might call them for more than just early morning.
13. No school means no opportunities for homework to be issued. YEE HAAA!!
14. Hillywood show gag reel is 18 minutes long. Yay!
15. Flip flops.


16 thoughts on “Reasons to be excited

  1. Really, a typewriter. Thats a bit old fashioned. And its britain, it will be 60% rain and 40% sun/cloud. And flip flops, no, crocs are the way to go!

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