Just a teenage dirtbag, baby

So, if you’re a teenager, you’re expected to be:
-and scary
…by everyone. Except other teenagers.

I really hate this stereotype. It’s like this. If you’re walking down the street people will assume not to say hello because you are an intimidating adolescent. However, a cute little 11 year old is an adorable model citizen.
Maybe I’m being over-judgemental, but this topic really gets to me. An example that I have experienced is that an instructor at a martial arts club I go to assumes that every teenager who goes is lazy and not prepared to put in the effort. “You teenaged people don’t do this properly! Be more like the younger kids!” Ugh. At school this happens too, but I guess it’s not as bad there because everyone is that sort of age. Just because we’re older and perhaps more contained doesn’t make us what teenagers are made out to be! So I’m in my room- no, I’m not unsociable! I’m just tired!
Anyone agree?


5 thoughts on “Just a teenage dirtbag, baby

  1. Okay, I love this post. I’m simultaneously a fifteen-year-old who lives in my attic, stays up til four a.m watching Supernatural, wears tights with Jack Skellington’s face on, and hasn’t handed in a piece of homework since September 2012. I also write essays for fun, have read The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame three times, and spent four hours today fundraising for St Luke’s Hospice.
    Screw stereotypes, that’s what I say.

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      1. Went to a gigantic Tesco’s and helped people pack their shopping, then waved giant moneyboxes in their faces 🙂 I also stuck a large blue ‘I Helped St Luke’s Hospice!’ sticker on my cheek, forgetting that I’m allergic, and now I have a bright red full moon on my face.
        And thanks 🙂 just glad someone finally came out and had a go at the world at large for stereotyping.

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      2. That sounds really cool. Apart from the allergic reaction, hope it gets better!! And yeah, I was just getting annoyed about people’s reactions to teenagers. I have two younger siblings as well, so I can see how people look at them in comparison to me.

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      3. Oh yeah, how old are you? And thanks 🙂 I’m an idiot.
        I have three younger brothers… I can relate. And yeah, people seem to adore kids until they turn thirteen or so… at which point they’re a stain upon mankind.


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