When notebooks are too nice

Hey y’all!

This is a sort of strange post, wondering if anyone else can relate.

So, I love writing, especially in notebooks. But I think that my handwriting is messy and even if it’s not I always end up scribbling loads out. Anyone else like this? I always get notebooks as birthday presents and stuff and some of them are so nice that I feel like I’ll ruin them if I write in them! Life’s too short for stuff like that, I know, but I can’t help it! Yeah, I told you it was a strange post. Thanks for reading this far through my random thoughts. But I’m thinking about it because I have a particularly nice notebook I’m itching to write in. But I always get sick of the look of it after my pen touches it. Weird, I know!




7 thoughts on “When notebooks are too nice

  1. Oh yeah. That’s totally me too. I have serious notebook fright. The prettier the notebook the more the pressure not to ruin it. I’m with ya sista.


  2. This is so true, I don’t want to write in it, but then I do and I start off super neat and after like 5 minutes it looks uneat and I have a mini panic attack 😁

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  3. My grandparents buy me really cool ones with leather binder things and I wrote in them and was like “OMG, I RUINED it!!!” And now have a thing about writing in notebooks ( I just realised how sad I sound) lol

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