This weekend me and my family went away so that my mum could run a marathon.
My mum managed to run the entire thing without stopping, and in a respectable time. In the morning we rushed her to the start line and cheered crazily as she ran past us. My brother and sister got some free inflatable microphones (weird, I know) so they were waving those too!
Next it was a fun run for us. One mile, which was okay because I ran slowly with one of my younger cousin-type-relatives, but I was getting stressed as my younger brother sprinted ahead, against clear instructions to stay as a group! In the end it was fine though, and I got one seriously cool medal.
The rest of the day was spent walking/taxi driving to points where we could cheer for my mum and hurriedly eating before the next taxi came.
My mum is an absolute inspiration to me. She has been training for the Marathon for months on a special programme and has stuck to it religiously. It’s so impressive. The longest run she did prior to the marathon was a twenty miler, all on her own without encouragement. It’s made me really want to do a marathon when I’m older!



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